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Why you don’t need a new year to make a new start, you just need a Monday

By expressions fitness in Food & Nutrition - 13/04/2015

Why you don’t need a new year to make a new start, you just need a Monday


Monday is a great day to start a new exercise regime. Why? Because it signals the start of a new week, a new challenge and you can easily document how many weeks in to your new diet and exercise programme you are. Starting half way through the week doesn’t give you the same sort of mental commitment, plus the weekend and all of its temptations of takeaways and lazy days are out the way, leaving you free to focus on starting fresh.


The downside is, there are 52 Mondays in a year! This gives us lots of opportunity to utter that famous excuse “I’ll start next week”. Well imagine how good you would feel next Monday, looking back at a successful week where you went on your first run, lost your first pound or two, or tried a new class for the first time. The next 7 days will pass regardless of whether you exercise you not, so make them count! Look back next Monday and know that you are one week in to your journey towards towards change and improvement rather than a whole week away.


You have to start somewhere and putting it off for weeks and weeks doesn’t get you there any quicker, in fact it just delays all those great results that you could achieve. All of our members receive a free, tailored, personalised programme to get them started and a 6 week review to help them track their progress and make any adjustments. If you don’t have a personalised programme, just take some measurements either weekly or monthly to track your progress. This will keep you motivated and help you to stick to the plan! If you’re trying to get fitter, try doing a time trial for example 5k cycle or a 2.5k run. If it’s weight loss then you might want to measure your waist, stomach and weight. Whatever your goal, keep measuring and you’ll keep focussed!