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  • 2nd APR 2015

    The benefits of exercising with your friend

    By Going 50:50 in Gym

    Exercising with your friends can be more enjoyable and rewarding than you would think!


    Why should I exercise with someone else?




    When you’ve done 18 out of your 20 press ups and you really feel like giving up, your friend will be the first to both take the mick (well you wouldn’t expect anything less from them would you?!) and tell you to your roll your sleeves up and do the last two. They can really help to push you beyond your comfort zone, which is exactly where you need to go to improve your fitness.


    Your friend will also know why your exercise programme is important to you. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, recover from an injury or something very personal like trying to get in shape for your wedding, your friend will know, they’ll empathise and they will want to help you achieve what’s important to you, just as much as you do.


    Sticking to the plan


    You know if you don’t go, your friend will be on their own, so they probably won’t go either, especially if you’re used to exercising as a pair. We all have those classic excuses when we just can’t be bothered, such as “I’ve had a long day”, “I need to do the housework” and our personal favourite “I’m washing my hair”, never get accepted by friends as worthwhile excuses for letting them down. You’ll be far more likely to stick to your planned sessions because the pain of those extra two press ups is more bearable than how much they would make you suffer for letting them down!


    Being competitive


    Well you can’t let them WIN can you?! You will push each other harder because the chances are that you’ll end up racing to see who can finish first, who can lift the most weights or who can do the most sit ups. While you don’t realise it because you just see it as a challenge with your friend, you’re actually working harder and enjoying of the additional benefits of that such as greater calorie burn and getting stronger. Where you may normally do your standard work at a comfortable level, your friend will force you to work a little bit harder without you even realising.


    So it doesn’t feel like exercise


    With all this competing, laughing and talking it doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising! You’ll be working harder without even realising it, competing for fun not calorie burn and you get some time to catch up with your friends too. You’ll be doing your friend a favour too by dragging them along.