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Why is February the best time to start a new year's resolution?

By February fitness in Gym - 11/02/2015


January is the start of a new year, with new years resolutions and the infamous “this year I WILL do it”. This often gives people a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to start a fitness routine, exercising regularly and eating well. So what’s the problem? And why is February a better time to start?


That new year enthusiasm is great and really helps to kick start a new healthy routine. It’s not uncommon though that we’ll exercise almost every day, cut out everything bad and expect instant results. Reality often sets in during February that we can’t maintain the gym routine, our diets are cracking because we’ve been far too strict and the realisation that fitness, weight loss, health, shaping up or whatever your goals are, don’t happen over night and take time and commitment to achieve.


If you start a new healthy lifestyle in February, the “new year, new me” buzz is starting to pass and you’re much more likely to approach your exercise plan with a level head. Diets and exercise programmes shouldn’t have an end date. Take weight loss for example; losing the pounds is one thing, but once you’ve hit that target weight, it doesn’t stop there. If you go back to your old ways, then you’ll go back to your old weight. Put a plan together that you can maintain; genuine lifestyle changes that are manageable. For example, exercise regularly, perhaps three times a week. Make small, manageable changes to your lifestyle such as swapping chips for brown pasta, takeaways for a homemade curry or stir fry, and make treats such as biscuits or cakes for a special occasion rather than a regular snack. You don’t need to completely deprive yourself of all the goodies in life, such as chocolate, cheese and cakes; these just need to be consumed in moderation. In fact there are lots of studies to suggest that those who allow themselves a treat once or twice a week are much more likely to succeed at adopting a long term healthier food plan.

So if you haven’t yet started to make this the year that you make some changes, then you couldn’t be starting at a better time! The first step is the hardest, so get the tricky part over and join a gym near you today.