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  • 16th JAN 2015

    This Girl Can!

    By This Girl Can! in Gym

    This Girl Can!


    "THIS GIRL CAN", so jiggle, sweat, smile, shake, dance, jump, grimace, run or laugh yourself all the way until to say "This girl can"! So we sweat a little in the gym, it’s evidence that we’re committed and working hard! Yes we have a little bit of jiggle in those jeans, but we know how to jiggle it to perfection in Zumba! We all get a little bit red...colour is healthy, isn’t that what blusher was invented for?! Girls, it’s time to say “This girl can” and get stuck in; “Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox!”

    Girls, start feeling like a fox and get involved! Shake your stuff in Zumba, Body Attack or Sway Dance. Sweat your socks off in spin, feel like you’ve conquered the world in the pool and show them what you’re made of on the court. Laugh at your weaknesses and love your strengths. Ladies, you don’t have to be chained to a treadmill, whatever you enjoy doing, do it. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, it should just make you feel great and feel proud.


    Whether you’d like to try ballroom dancing, ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, musical theatre and many more, Sway Dance has an exciting range of dance genres for to try. Learn a new skill, keep yourself healthy and smiling even burns extra calories – you are welcome! There's no need for exercise to feel like exercise. Try something new, fun and with some of the loveliest dancers around.