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Get active your way!

By Emma Price in Gym - 26/09/2014

Getting active your way

It’s National Fitness Day, and what better day to kick-start your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle?

National Fitness Day takes place each year, getting thousands of people across the UK up, active and enjoying exercise again.

How do I get involved, you ask? Well thankfully, getting active has never been easier as you can visit your local participating leisure centre and join in with the FREE Power Half Hour activities they have going on throughout the day.

That’s 30 minutes of absolutely free exercise to try something new or get back into an activity you may have left by the wayside.

Remember, when you take out a gym membership in a leisure centre you can get active your way. This is because of the sheer amount of activities available to you on your membership including fitness classes, swimming, dance classes and court hire.

There’s something to suit every taste, whether you’d rather dance your socks off in a Sway Dance class or build up a sweat with a personalised programme in the gym.

So get down your local participating centre and get active with the Power Half Hour!

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