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Should I work out with a friend?

By Emma Price in Gym - 08/09/2014

If you can find a friend to workout with you should 100% give it a try.

There are so many positive reasons to work out with a friend or a partner it could be the best thing you do for your training- and your friendship.

Reason #1: Test your limits

The healthy competition between you will mean that you smash your workouts in a bid to be the better/fitter/stronger half. Chances are you won’t have the same strengths and weaknesses so who better to compete against than each other?

Reason #2: Motivation

You might be slacking on all fronts, but luckily for you, your workout buddy is there to spur you on. The ame theory applies when they are slacking though, give them a boost with a little encouragement- whether that’s to turn up, finish their cardio workout or lift their final set- remind them (and yourself) no one ever regrets a workout.

Reason #3: Accountability

Your buddy is sure to be a little bit annoyed if you cancel on them for no good reason or just because don’t ‘feel like it’- especially if they’ve been pumped and waiting all day for a good fitness class or gym session with you. In truth, neither of you will want to let the other one down and put your friendship under strain for the sake of one workout. If your buddy tries to do this to you, remind them an hour workout is just 2% of their day!

Reason #4: Entertainment

If you love spending time with your mate in general, chances are you’re going to have a great time wherever you are- including the gym/swimming pool/ fitness class/ sports hall. Music playlists are great but no one is more entertaining than your weird and wonderful friend, right? You’ll probably even get a bonus abs workout from laughing with them!

Reason #5: Longer workouts

Time flies when you’re having fun, and you are having fun because you’re spending time improving your health and wellbeing with your friend! You’re more likely to clock-watch and end your workout early if you are alone than if you are making some serious progress with your partner.

Reason #6: Support

Nervous to try a new group fitness class? Scared to approach the heavy weights section alone? No bother, your mate is with for a confidence boost and extra support. They say that there’s strength in numbers and you’ll both feel better and less isolated approaching a new fitness venture together.

Reason #7: Variety

So you know this great new interval workout you can try on the treadmill, and your workout buddy knows a great circuit for leg day. Brining both of your noggins together will mean that your workouts are varied and interesting.

Reason #8: Praise

If your mate is in exceptionally good form- tell them! Praise and encouragement goes a long way and you need to make sure they do the same for you. Remind each other about how far you’ve come since you started, it’s easy to forget how much progress you’ve actually made but keeping this in check will do a good job at keeping you motivated.

Reason #9: Safety

Having someone to spot for you when you work with free weights and resistance machines is a much safer way to exercise. Having someone look out for you while you workout also means they will notice and be able to get help much quicker if you find yourself in a bit of a bother than if you are alone.

Reason #10: Good form

If your technique is slipping slightly, you’ll be sure to know about it from your workout partner. But that’s good! It means you’re doing exercises correctly with them and you are able to reap all of the benefits from practicing good form.


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