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How do I stay motivated?

By Emma Price in Gym - 07/08/2014

It can be difficult to remain motivated once the initial buzz of starting a new workout routine has subsided. But there are plenty of ways to keep your motivation levels sky high to maintain an active lifestyle.


Some of us are perfectly content sticking to the gym... if it works, it works!

But if like a lot of people you find yourself looking for different ways to keep up your hard work, without getting bored, then there are plenty of options available to you.

Group fitness is a great option as you immediately surround yourself with motivated people and you have the added bonus of a motivational leader pushing you to reach your potential. A group fitness class or two could give your gym routine a complete boost and they are covered by most gym memberships. There is guaranteed to be a fitness class to suit you, due to the sheer number and variety available. Still need convincing? Read our blog post for more reasons to try group fitness.

What’s great is that the fitness classes are not limited to standard aerobic workouts anymore. You can easily immerse yourself in dance with the ever-popular Zumba classes, or even less conventional classes like line dancing.  

And don’t think you’re limited to dry land either. Of course, there are classes available in the swimming pool. In fact, any swimming activity you include in your routine can be beneficial to your motivation. We are all human, and variety keeps us interested.


Goal setting is important as it not only helps us keep track of how far we’ve already come, but also keeps us motivated for where we want to be. Deciding on a meaningful long term goal is key to this. When you have your main goal in mind, you can then set yourself mini targets to keep you moving in the right direction.


Booking yourself into a fitness event, like a long distance bike ride, a 10k run or even a triathlon could be the best thing you do for your training. Having a specific date in mind will motivate you to train towards being as prepared as you can be for your chosen event.   It may seem daunting at first, but throwing yourself into something that may be completely new to you could bring you one of the best experiences of your life. You may even get hooked, and book another one immediately after.


Don’t be afraid to adapt your workout! Changing things around a little is actually great for you. You don’t want to become complacent as your body will become used to what you are asking it to do and the results won’t be as forthcoming. Your gym instructor will be more than willing to help you figure out what you can change to give your motivation and results a kick.