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6 reasons to hit the gym after work

By Emma Price in Gym - 24/07/2014

It’s been a long, tiring and possibly stressful day. You really cannot be bothered to exercise. But we’re here to convince you that post-work workouts are great for so many reasons...

  1. Stress reduction

Daily stresses of life, especially at work, can leave us feeling a little down sometimes- but studies have shown that exercise releases chemicals in our brain such as dopamine and serotonin, which is the equivalent of taking anti-depressants. Instant mood booster that doesn’t come from a bottle? We’ll have some of that please!

  1. Energy boost

A day in the office can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. You may think adding exercise to the mix will make you even more exhausted, but in reality it’s quite the opposite. Exercise is a natural energy booster and definitely more refreshing than a drink and take away in front of the TV!

  1. Short and sweet

Just half an hour in the gym is better than nothing at all. In fact, intense activity for a shorter amount of time has proven to be just as effective as longer amounts of time at lower intensity. So give it your all for just 30 minutes and you will feel the benefits almost instantly. Interval training is perfect for a 30 minute session, ask your gym instructor to help you with a 30 minute post-work plan that suits you.

  1. Variety

Luckily, the gym is equipped with all of the variety you need for your workouts. If cardio sounds like your worst nightmare after work, fear not, there are plenty of other workout options for you to get stuck into. Even a swim, group fitness or dance class is going to be more beneficial to you than nothing at all. If you can find a workmate that wants to keep fit and healthy like you do, why not book out a badminton court for an hour after work to blow away those cobwebs?

  1. Counteract your snacks!

You may be guilty of snacking during work hours. Chances are your snacks aren’t necessarily healthy either. Was it someone’s birthday in the office today?

Well, you say, the cakes weren’t going to eat themselves! Counteract your snacking with physical activity after work and relieve yourself of the food guilt that’s been weighing you down (literally) all day.

  1. Sense of achievement

No one ever regrets a workout. Fact.

You will leave the gym/swimming pool/fitness class feeling better than you did going in. You may not look better but you will certainly feel more accomplished in yourself! After all, you beat the odds and turned your slow, sluggish day around and made a real difference to your wellbeing! Well done you!