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Don't Skip Your Warm Up!

By Roxanne Hatam-Tabrizi in Gym - 28/03/2014

It’s astounding how much a warming up and stretching before a workout can improve your all-round performance and recovery when exercising.

Sometimes, when you get to the gym, you just want to get on with it. Your adrenaline is high, you’re pumped for your workout and the last thing on your mind is taking ten minutes out of your ‘zone’ to warm up and stretch.

But stretching before and after a workout will help loosen your muscles and help prevent those next day aches and pains. Warming up and stretching is essential in making your muscles more pliable which also means you’re less prone to injuries.

Warming up and stretching will also reduce your body tension and as a result, make you feel more relaxed, increase your range of motion, and increase your flexibility.

Warm up your body with a light cardio activity, and hold your stretches for between 8-15 seconds. If you’re unsure what stretches to do get a member of staff to show you- it’s their job to help.

If you’re a big fan of stretching, yoga may be the perfect accompaniment to your exercise regime. Follow the link for more information on yoga and classes in your area.