Swimming Pools |Benefits of Swimming | UK

Perhaps one of the most relaxing physical activities on offer, swimming provides us with numerous health and well-being benefits that transcend into our daily lives.

You may not be as graceful as a dolphin, or as streamlined as a fish, but you can reap the numerous rewards of getting in the water to partake in aquatic exercise. Swimming can be as social or as secluded as you want it to be; making it the ideal family day in one of our fun pools, or ideal training session in one of our training pools. Not only can swimming be a relaxing activity, it can be as spirited as you make it, with numerous swimming clubs on offer for those looking for a competitive edge.

Swimming is widely used as an activity to keep fit, lose, or maintain a healthy weight; in doing so, your risks of serious heart problems such as stroke or heart disease decrease significantly. Swimming is a great all-round activity, suitable for almost everyone. As well as being a rehabilitative tool, it can provide enough resistance and support for a great workout.

Swimming lessons are accessible to all in our Aquazone classes, they are inclusive of all ages and are a fun way to learn and develop an essential life skill that can save lives. Our postnatal classes are also a gentle way to reintroduce physical activity into new mums’ lives and introduce the little ones into an aquatic environment. No one is ever too young or too old to learn to swim!