Benefits of Exercise | Exercising at our Leisure Centres | Gym

It doesn’t come in a conveniently labelled bottle, or even a genie’s lamp, but it’s the miracle our bodies need- and many of us take it for granted.

Physical exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies, with numerous health and wellbeing benefits. It needn’t be vigorous, heck- it can even be fun! Using the facilities we are offering at our centres, you can introduce and reinforce physical activity into your life.

Many people partake in physical exercise to enjoy the feeling of excess weight falling away and the increase of strength building up in our bodies over time. Weight loss itself provides a confidence boost, but coupled with physical exercise it can prove to be a huge factor in the feel-good endorphins and increased self-esteem you experience when the hard work starts paying off. Alongside this, you can notice leaner and more toned muscles as well as an increase in stamina.

These improvements to your fitness levels will have a positive effect on your entire body. With up to a 50% decrease in the risk of having heart related illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, exercise is the cure to increasing life longevity and health.

When you start taking care of your body through physical exercise, your body in turn will reward you right back with improved: circulation, sleeping patterns, and mental wellbeing, to name but a few.

Sign up to one of our expressions memberships and start benefiting from the long term rewards of physical exercise. There is never a bad time to start.