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Les Mills Born to Move Kids Fitness Class South Moorlands Leisure Centre Cheadle

Les Mills Born to Move is our new fitness class, for kids!

Good health, improved self-esteem and a better quality life – there is mounting evidence proving that physical activity drives a range of positive health and social outcomes. Yet despite the compelling reasons to get moving, many children fail to achieve the recommended level of physical activity. In Cheadle and the surrounding areas, South Moorlands Leisure Centre, working in partnership with Les Mills - creator of the world-leading group fitness classes, is on a mission to change this.

Responding to the rapidly declining level of physical activity in our youth, Les Mills has created BORN TO MOVE™, and it’s now running from South Moorlands Leisure Centre.

BORN TO MOVE™ features separate programs for different age groups, starting with two to three-year-olds through to adolescents. Each class is carefully crafted to meet the unique developmental needs of that age group.

Classes for the younger children build foundation fitness skills through imagination, exploration and movement set to specially created music. Whereas classes for older kids feature top 40 hits and focus on building dance, yoga, martial arts and athletic skills.

South Moorlands will be running two sessions on Tuesdays for just £3:

16:00-16:45  4-6 Years
16:45-17:30  8-13 Years

Leigh White, Centre Manager at South Moorlands Leisure Centre, commented, “The early years of life are a critical window to form positive habits. Young people who learn to love being active are more likely to grow up to be fit and healthy adults and experience benefits including strong muscles and bones, improved cardiovascular fitness and significantly decreased risk of disease.

“These new classes will truly help to lay the foundations for a healthy life. They use music and moves that young people love, and it encourages a sense of achievement, whatever the child’s stage or ability.”

To book, or to find out more about LES MILLS BORN TO MOVE™ at South Moorlands Leisure Centre, please contact the centre directly on 01538 753883 or contact us HERE


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