Learning How to Save a Baby's Life

Free Royal Life Saving Society UK course runs at South Moorlands Leisure Centre, Cheadle

Free Royal Life Saving Society UK course runs at South Moorlands Leisure Centre, Cheadle

Nine out of ten parents do not know basic first aid skills that could help them to save their child's life, and only 20 per cent of parents in the UK think that they could resuscitate their child – Royal Life Saving Society UK research shows.

On Tuesday, July 26th, South Moorlands Leisure Centre hosted a free workshop where a trained instructor covered basic life saving techniques and provided advice on what to do when a baby stops breathing, or how best to deal with a choking or drowning situation. Using a life-like baby manikin, participants learned how to perform basic CPR and first aid as they would in a real life situation.

Lewis Nixon, Lead Trainer for the course at South Moorlands Leisure Centre who recently became a father himself, commented, “The amount of people who care for babies and young children every day but would not know what do if a child stopped breathing is frightening. This programme is designed to equip members of the community with the vital skills they would need in order to attempt to save a baby’s life if the emergency occurred.”

“With recently becoming a father myself, it’s a pleasure to deliver the hands-on style of learning through the workshops. It really doesn’t take long to understand the basics, but they are invaluable skills that will stay with people for life.

“Our aim is to ensure that parents and others who care for babies feel confident and calm to deal with an emergency situation safely and if one baby’s life is saved as a result of the Save a Baby’s Life workshop, it has been a success.”

The Royal Life Saving Society UK also provide two other workshops: one which equips attendees with the skills to save a child’s life, and another which revolves around saving an adult’s life. South Moorlands Leisure Centre hope to be able to offer these courses as well as more Save a Baby’s Life workshops in the future.

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