Locla Elections

Elections for the Borough, Parishes and the County Council are held every four years.

Rushcliffe Borough Council Elections

The borough is divided into 25 wards for the purposes of Borough elections, with each ward returning between one and three councillors. The total number of councillors representing the Borough is 44. Borough (or District Councils) can choose between "all out elections" every four years or can opt for annual elections, with one third of councillors retiring each year for three years.

In Rushcliffe, all out elections are held every four years. The last Borough Council election was on 7 May 2015. Local government elections are normally held on the first Thursday in May. The next election is to be held on 2 May 2019.

Parish/Town Council Elections

With the exception of the urban area of West Bridgford, the whole of the Rushcliffe area is divided into parishes - serving approximately two thirds of the population of the borough.  Every parish must have an annual parish meeting, which all local government electors for the parish are entitled to attend.

There are 41 parish areas with elected parish or town councils, returning in total 351 parish/town councillors. Elections for parish/town council elections are held at the same time as borough elections and parish/town councillors are elected for a term of four years.

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