Class Descriptions

May 2018

With lots of new classes going on, we thought we would give you an update on their descriptions!



Abs Attack - A fast paced core workout designed to attack your abdominal region


Aqua Fit - A wide range of aerobic movements performed in the swimming pool


Boxercise - A full body circuit class using boxing style techniques and movements.


Body Attack - High-energy with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. Athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. Ali will pump out energizing tunes and lead you through the workout, challenging your limits in a good way, burning up to 730 calories and leaving you with a sense of achievement.


Body Balance - Les Mills Body Balance is a fusion of simple yoga movements, tai chi and pilates alongside music


Body Conditioning - High impact classes targeting the whole body through strength, endurance and aerobic exercises


Body Pump - Les Mills Body Pump is a high intensity weight based group fitness class alongside music


Circuits - Full body workout using a circuit of varied exercise stations


Cycle Fit - A fast paced cardiovascular class involving indoor bikes alongside music


Cycle Fit Express - The same as cycle fit but in a half hour class. Ideal for beginners


Fight to the Core - High intensity cardio workout routine alongside music


Fitness Yoga - A holistic workout that works on flowing sequences to music, improving circulation, suppleness and strength to leave you feeling refreshed


Gentle Moves - Gentle exercises to improve movement, muscle tone and flexibility. Suitable for ages 50+


Gym Circuits - Held in the gym area. Aerobic and strengthening exercises used to tone and burn as well as exercises including the resistance and cardio machines


Insanity - INSANITY is a revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training. INSANITY's interval training is the pinnacle of cardio training.


Legs, Bums, Tums - Exercises aimed to targeting these areas in order to burn fat, tone up and increase fitness


Pilates - Low impact movements to improve flexibility, posture, core strength and muscle balance


Seated Yoga - Same concept as a yoga class but using a chair as an aid. Suitable for ages 50+


Piloga - A combination of Yoga and Pilates choreographed to music. It will build strength into the core, improve posture, tone legs and make you feel flexed, stretched and chilled by the end! Once you've managed the basics then you will be pushed to the next level!


Vibe power - A freestyle resistance class with the focus on strength and power – low reps with high resistance. It is predominantly a barbell based class but many aspects of equipment training can be utilised.


Post Natal Pilates

Are you a new mum or a new mum again? Pilates is a great form of fitness that focuses on building strength, improving posture, developing endurance, maximising your breathing, and encouraging flexibility, coordination and balance. Postnatal clients are welcome once they have had their 6-8 week check from their GP.  Postnatal clients are also welcome to bring along their new additions up to the point where they are beginning to crawl.


During pregnancy and delivery our bodies go through many changes that can alter the way we physically feel and perform long term.  Pilates is a proven method that helps strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core muscles following birth, and if practiced consistently can help us feel stronger, taller, and more flexible than we may have even prior to pregnancy. Exercising with other new mums is also a lovely way to connect locally and receive support from others who are going through the same life experiences.


Expressions members can attend all classes ran by Kidlington & Gosford Leisure Centre free, and can book 7 days in advance by calling 01865 376368 or visit (Remember to put 57 in front of your membership card no.)

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