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This Girl Can

This Girl Can

Sport England are encouraging women everywhere to not just embrace fitness, but be proud of it! Some of the best athletes in the world are women and every year, women show just how powerful they are by taking part in incredible events like Race for Life.

It’s not about being the fastest runner, the smoothest dancer or the thinnest female in the gym. It’s about doing something you love, recongising that you can try anything, be good at anything and most importantly – you can feel that incredible sense of achievement after. Get comfortable in your own skin, see how powerful you are really are and repeat after us... “This Girl Can”.

Being fit isn’t just about treadmills, it’s about enjoying it. If you don’t enjoy it, it will become a chore and the motivation will soon wither away. Don’t be beaten by boredom, it’s time to find the activity, sport and exercise that you’ll love and that you can conquer!


“A one hour workout is just 4% of your day – no excuses”



If you’re a social butterfly, there might be nothing worse than going to the gym alone. We have some great sports available such as No Strings Badminton session where you can just turn up to play badminton and there will be a group of other people just like you there – no need to find and a drag a partner with you! We even offer tennis classes (not just your average rally!) where you can do tennis to music with fitness work involved and in a class setting. We have netball teams, tennis teams, squash leagues and more. To find your perfect activity and your nearest available centre, just follow the link below.


“You never regret a workout”



Swimfit is a programme from the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) which gives customers the opportunity to go to structured swimming sessions, where you can work on your technique and fitness. No more plodding up and down on your tod! We also offer great classes such as Aqua Aerobics, Aqua fit which involves a variety of moves to improve fitness and muscle tone, and even Aqua Zumba (yes you read that right!). So whether you’re just getting started or looking to improve, find your perfect swim session:


“When you think about quitting, think about why you started”



We have a whole range of cardio and weights equipment to help you get the most from your workout. Try setting yourself a goal like running 5k, cycling as far as you can in just 30 minutes or squatting 20kg and build up to that. Having something to aim for will focus your sessions, force you to push yourself, keep you motivated and you can’t beat the feeling when you’ve run that first 5k! You can always set more goals like running that distance a minute faster, or cycling 1km further in those 30 minutes. All of our instructors are also fully qualified and able to help and advise on anything and everything exercise related! To find your nearest gym, just click below:


“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”


Sway Dance:

It’s time to cut some shapes in style! Dance is a fantastic way to learn a new skill, build fitness and it doesn’t even feel like exercise! We have a whole range of dance classes and lessons available including Zumba, ballroom dancing, street dance, cheerleading and Bokwa. Sway Dance even runs national competitions if you would like to participate, so you can give yourself something to aim for too. To find your nearest Sway Dance centre, just click below:


“Don’t find time to exercise, make time to exercise”


All of our centres offer pay as you go and membership options. So whether you just want to try something out or whether you want to commit to a fit and healthy routine, we have something for you.


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