Holiday Swim Timetable Changes - There will be no general swim session 10.00am-12.00pm on the 30th July, 2nd August & 30th August.

Dave's Managers Report

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Hello again,

For those who do not know me, My name is Dave Radmall and I am the Centre Manager here at Bingham Leisure Centre.

The purpose of these updates from the Centre Manager is to update you all on what we’ve been doing and what’s yet to come at Bingham Leisure Centre. I hope you find it beneficial.  

We have had a couple of additions to our staff. The first new recruit is called Harry who is our new  Apprentice. Harry’s words on his experience so far “I’m glad that I applied for an apprenticeship here at Bingham Leisure Centre everyone is very welcoming and lovely. I was in my 2nd year at Newark college doing my Level 3 Sport, but felt that the enjoyment had gone, I decided to look for an apprenticeship as this would would  be the better option as you get the qualification, experience and a wage at the same time! Thank you to Bingham Leisure Centre and Parkwood for allowing me to have this opportunity.”

Our new Fitness Manager started on the 2nd April. His name is Alex Jones and Alex assures me he is looking forward to meeting all our members . I’m sure you all wish Alex success in his new role.

Zumba made it’s return to the Centre on Wednesday nights by popular demand with instructor Lorna. Our Boot camp classes are going really well with instructor Tuesdae. So if you need to trim for the summer check out these new classes.

For those whom attend the classes.We have some new kit arriving shortly, so please feedback when it is in situ.

For our gym users look out for another upgrade in the gym area coming shortly.

Upcoming Events

We’ll be hosting several events over the next month or two Calverton and Bingham swimming Gala, Model Car Racing Grand prix and the return of the Blood donors., Arrows will be flying at the Archery Tournament and the Spins, Kicks and Jumps will be back for the Dance Competition.

In April the annual Swimathon is here Saturday 28th- Sunday 29th details can be found on our Social Media Outlets with Links attached.  

For updates on all of our Events please contact the centre for all the information.

Member of the month is… Thomas Boustead!!

Tom doesn’t let age get in the way when he’s using the gym approximately 4 times a week and is in his 80’s! Tom has been a member here at Bingham for over 12 years, Tom in the past has a Health issues but that won’t stop him, Keep it up Tom!


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