Badminton Course

6 week Badminton Course

Do you want to Learn to play Badminton or improve your Badminton skills? Then book onto Essential Badminton course at Bingham Leisure Centre starting 06/03/2018 - 10/04/18 every Tuesday  6-7pm.


In this Essential Badminton course you’ll be covering:

  • Types of grip                                    

  • Hitting Action

  • How to serve in doubles and singles

  • Movement around the court

  • Net shots

  • Mid court and near court hitting and movement

  • Tactics for games

  • Rules for both both singles and doubles games


Learn all these skills over a 6 weeks course which will be ran by a level 2 coach with 20+ years of experience.


Contact Abby Turton for more details!




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