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Why you don’t need a new year to make a new start, you just need a Monday

Why Mondays are a great way to get stuck in to a new start!

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Why is February the best time to start a new year's resolution?

Find out why joining a gym near you, now, is even better than last month!

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Get active your way!

It's National Fitness Day and time to get active your way

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How to make exercise a habit

You may have read our blog post on why you should make a change to your lifestyle, but this week we’ll explain just how you do that.

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Should I work out with a friend?

Are there benefits to a workout buddy? Read on to find out more..

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Why make a change?

In order to see changes you need to make changes, find out reasons why...

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How do I stay motivated?

Handy tips to maintain your fitness motivation.

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Why Weight?

Find out the benefits of adding weights into your training

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6 reasons to hit the gym after work

It's possibly the best remedy after a day at work! Find out why...

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Why should I plank?

It's the ultimate core challenge. Find out how to do the perfect plank and how this will benefit your body.

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