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  • 19th SEP 2017

    Get fit for Christmas

    By Hema in Gym

    Get fit for Christmas with a beginners body weight workout

  • 12th SEP 2017

    4 Kettlebell Exercises To Add To Your Routine

    By Shelley (PT South Moorlands) in Gym

    Kettlebell exercises to help you get the most out of your workout.

  • 30th AUG 2017


    By Elaina W in Community

    Boccia players in the Vale are being given a helping hand by a state-of-the-art ramp funded by the organisation that manages the council’s leisure centres.

  • 1st JUL 2017

    Our Summer Days Out

    By Days Out in Community

    Try one of our top Summer Days Out this summer, with sites across the UK, we have something for everyone. Get out and about with your family see what adventures you can go on.

  • 27th JAN 2017

    Healthy Food Choices: Protein Pancakes

    By Elaina W in Food & Nutrition

    Food & Nutrition

  • 13th APR 2015

    Why you don’t need a new year to make a new start, you just need a Monday

    By expressions fitness in Food & Nutrition

    Why Mondays are a great way to get stuck in to a new start!

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  • 2nd APR 2015

    The benefits of exercising with your friend

    By Going 50:50 in Gym

    Exercising with your friends can be more enjoyable and rewarding than you would think!

  • 3rd MAR 2015

    I'm In! Why you should swim for leisure, health, fitness or competition

    By I'm In! in Swim

    Find out more about how you can enjoy swimming and make it part of your workout

  • 11th FEB 2015

    Why is February the best time to start a new year's resolution?

    By February fitness in Gym

    Find out why joining a gym near you, now, is even better than last month!

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  • 27th JAN 2015


    By Swimming in Swim

    Registration is now open! Try a swim challenge

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