Online Bookings: Parkwood Health and Fitness

By Elaina W in Operations - 09/10/2018

To book classes online, you will need to register with the new system.


Use the link and click “Register”.


Once here, enter your email address that you have given for your membership and create a password.


You will then receive an email asking you to click on the link to link to complete your registration.


Enter the email address and password that you set previously and this will take you to a home screen. As you are already a member, you will need to click the “Connect to your existing membership” link.


This will take you to a page asking for your Member Number, Postcode, Date of Birth and Phone Number (You will only need 3 out of the 4 of these for your membership to link).


Click connect and you will be connected to your membership and be able to book on to classes online.