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Be Happier: The reasons why exercise can make you happier

By Elaina and Kerry in Gym - 21/08/2018

Be Happier: Why exercise can make you happier 
We all know the benefits of exercise, whether weight control or to our cardiovascular system but what about on our mood and happiness?

According to a recent survey people who take part in exercise (3 or 4 times per week) were more likely to consider themselves happy than those who don’t exercise. Those who trained for 12 weeks were up to 30% more happy!*

Read the top reasons why we think exercise is a great mood booster;


Reduced Anxiety and Depressions

Exercising is a great distraction from negative thoughts, and it can improve social interaction.


Mental Resilience

Even a small amount of exercise can help create a sense of success and fulfilment which can have a positive effect on other areas of life whether it be work or socially. It gives you that ‘can do’ attitude, helping to get you through those difficult moments!


Better quality of sleep

Exercising gives you a better quality of sleep - and let’s face it, a good night's sleep makes us all happier!


Increase energy levels

When we exercise it raises our heart rate and this gets the blood flowing increasing our energy levels.


Improved Immune System

As if the points above weren't enough to convince us, we know that regular exercise will help improve our immune system. Helping us to fight of those lurgies that spread round the office! An apple/workout a day….


Better Self Esteem

A regular exercise regime, will help you feel strong, look good and have a positive attitude all at the same time. You self esteem will rocket!


Hitting Goals

Achieving your goals will make you happy! Set yourself up for the day and get a sense of achievement with an early morning workout.


Better Mood

Exercise releases endorphins, so when you’re stressed this will improve your mood. Stressful day at the office? Going for a jog, taking part in a class or a gentle swim will help you feel calmer and relaxed.