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Be Together: The benefits of training together with a friend

By Kerry W in Community - 01/08/2018

Be Together: The benefits of training together with a friend 

You won’t want to let them down

When you’ve said you’ll meet them at 6pm you are much more likely to be there for 6pm!


This is far better than that after work feeling of ‘shall I go to the gym tonight?, maybe I’ll just go home first’ (with best intentions of going out later of course). We’ve all been guilty of it, you get home all settled and that sofa looks inviting and even the thought of helping the kids with the homework is far more appealing … and not surprisingly you don’t leave the house again!  


Keep each other going when your motivation drops

Yes we all may get to a point in our training when our motivation drops. Or starting out as a newbie to exercise it can be tricky to find that initial motivation. So this is where your training buddy comes in. Their keenness to get started or motivation to keep hitting those attendance goals will hopefully rub off on you. You quite simply won’t want to let them down. There will be peaks and troughs for both of you so you will pick each other up.


Challenge each other

A bit of healthy competition doesn’t hurt anyone. Both set yourself a goal across a set time frame i.e 6 or 12 weeks. Some examples could be; lose x amount, weight lift x amount or reach x meter distance in a certain time. Remember goals could be the same but values would need to be specific to the individual. Then at the end of the set time frame see who has achieved the most of their goal.


You could both take part in a gym challenge or even join the monthly challenge available on our Leisure Centre App. Watch yourself move up the leaderboard and hopefully above your friend!


If you love a bit of competition you will be much more likely to stick to the challenge if you are trying to beat your friend!


Keep up to date

Let’s face it we all like a good natter and catch up with a friend or family member.


Well how about you swap that morning coffee or evening pub drink for a session in the gym and put the world to rights whilst working out instead. If attending exercise classes where a catch up isn’t possible, allow yourself half hour afterwards for a quick catch up. A drink in the cafe could even be your reward at the end of your training!  


Make other friends jealous

Use social media to let other friends see what you are up to. Tag yourselves on social media working out together. You may find other friends who don’t want to miss out, start asking what it is your doing at the gym and may actually want to come along with you!


Encourage each other to try new things  

I know I can be a bit of a scaredy cat and trying a new class can be daunting. The thought of walking in that dance studio facing all the other ‘regular’ participants who you don't know with the thought of attempting to shake it out at Zumba or pump it up at Body Pump in front of them is scary! So don’t do it alone. Drag your friend along and face it together you will be much more relaxed, may even enjoy the class and if all else you can just laugh at each other!


You may find in doing the ‘friend duty’ you actually end up trying activities which you’ve never considered before. Your friend may want to try an indoor cycle class but you are used to doing your dance based classes. They may want to use that scary piece of cardio kit in the gym which you have always avoided. They may have always wanted to try badminton or squash but of course cant on their own - you step in as that’s what friends do!


Get rewarded for introducing a friend

In our leisure centres we offer a friend referral scheme. If you are a member ask at reception how you can refer a friend and be rewarded with a free gift or even a free month of your membership!* You can also refer a friend via our Leisure Centre App and your friend will get a free day pass.


Time will go faster

Bored facing that hour long gym session alone? Well it may not be so bad when there is two of you. That clock watching will be a thing of the past and before you know it it’s home time.


*T&C’s apply.