Don’t Give Up Exercise For Lent!

By Elaina W in Gym - 09/02/2018

The 40 days of lent can be a long time to give something up – whether it be online shopping, chocolate or alcohol. So instead of not doing things why not do something new and positive,  to push yourself and achieve more or make time for something you keep putting off!

If you start a new healthy lifestyle for Lent, the New Year fads have passed and you’re whole approach to your exercise programme and healthy eating regime will be more likely to stick.

An example? Many new joiners goal is weight loss, shifting the weight is great – but once you’ve hit that goal, you want to maintain it as well. Keep up the regular exercise and healthier food choices and you’ll keep the weight off. If you drop the regular gym sessions and suddenly want all the food you’ve cut out of your diet you’ll put it back on.

So rather than giving something small and inconsequential up that you will most likely resume at the end of lent, why not start something new and start exercising.


Here are our top 4 ideas for trying something new!


  1. Try a new class – Make a commitment to yourself and say that you will attend new classes once a week throughout lent. (Never tried indoor cycling – sign up for indoor cycling each week until the end of lent. You may surprise yourself!)
  2.  Not taking enough ‘me time’ try fitting in a lunchtime exercise or before work work-out.  A mini half hour /45 minutes workout is better than nothing! These little pockets of time can make all the difference in mentally setting you up for the day. It’s so easy to get consumed with work – so take back some of that time and use it for your own well-being.
  3. Don’t currently have a set routine? Rather than aiming to exercise every day and cut calories all in one go. Why not start small? Schedule one or two days a week as your ‘gym/swim days’ get used to doing these regularly so they become a habit. You can always set these as days you meet up with a friend at the gym. Not only will you get to socialise but you’ll be more likely to stick to your new routine this way.
  4. Set yourself a goal – whether its dropping a Dress size, taking part in an challenge (Swimathon)  or improving your diet. Set yourself a Lent goal and keep it up and see how much progress you made after the full 40 days.